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The Pelagos Capital Team is now in its 20th year of working together to deliver investment solutions for institutions and individuals. The Team has extensive experience designing, implementing, managing, and trading multiple alternative strategies and asset classes. A working knowledge of asset allocation gives the team insight into how alternative strategies can complement traditional portfolios. The team has managed alternative strategies for advisory and sub-advisory clients, marketed those strategies for clients, and has traded financial and commodities futures and options, swaps, structured notes, ETFs, and governments.


Our Capabilities

Systematic Strategies Informed with Fundamental Insights


Global Macro

The team has created and managed a global macro strategy as a component of a multi-strategy fund. We have designed and implemented models within and across equities, fixed income, and commodities. A systematic approach drives the strategy and reflects our fundamental insights of economic and capital market data. The team has a long history of working within and across multiple asset classes.

Stalks of Wheat


The team has created and managed long only, long/short, and commodity risk premia strategies. Commodities offer a unique return stream that is distinct from natural resource equities. Exposure is through commodities futures and options, swaps, and structured notes.

Stock Market Chart

Managed Futures and Hedge Fund Strategies

Pelagos Capital created and managed both managed futures and hedge fund replication strategies as part of a multi-strategy fund. They are systematic strategies implemented with futures, options, swaps, structured notes, ETFs, and government securities.